Our History

History of Mid-East Truck & Tractor Service, Inc.

Snapchat-2709771214126645450-vertThe history of Mid-East Truck & Tractor Service, Inc. begins with Thomas Oliver and Rose Joy Bachman. They were married in 1950. They were both 19 at that time. Thomas got a job at HV Brown Oilfield Construction in Carmi, Illinois. He worked there form 1950 – 1956. During that time they had two children, Steve and Sue.
In 1956 he took a job with Galliger Drilling Company. The family moved to Colorado with them and Tom worked with them for one year. He and Rose and their 2 children, then moved back to Illinois where Tom started working for Schoenheit Trucking Company in Grayville, Illinois. While they were there they had another child, Barb.
In 1956 Tom, Rose and their three children moved to Ohio. Tom worked for Walter Willis Drilling and Armstrong Drilling. He moved around Ohio traveling wherever the current oil boom was happening. In the middle of the 1960’s he started working as a truck pusher for Schoenheit Trucking Company. They established a trucking yard in Cardington, Ohio. Their 4th child, John, was born while they were living in Cardington.
In 1969, the Ohio based Schoenheit Trucking Company moved to East Canton, Ohio. In 1973 Thomas O. Bachman and William Gingerich bought out the Ohio based Schoenheit Trucking and it became Mid-East Truck & Tractor Service, Inc. Thomas O. Bachman then bought out William Gingerich in 1983.
Mid-East Truck & Tractor Service, Inc. is an Ohio Corporation. Thomas O. Bachman is the President of the Corporation. Rose Bachman, his wife, is the Vice President. Steve Bachman, their son, joined the company in 1972 as a truck driver. He is now a Vice President of the Corporation. Tim Coy, son-in-law of Thomas and Rose Bachman, started working as a truck driver at the company in 1978. He is now the truck maintenance supervisor.
Sue Norman, Thomas and Rose’s daughter, earned a BS degree from Kent State University and started working as the bookkeeper for the company in 1984. She is now the office manager and Corporate Secretary. Barbara Coy, Thomas and Rose’s daughter, has worked at the company doing payroll in the past. She is the Assistant Corporate Secretary.
John Bachman, Thomas and Rose Bachman’s son, has been a heavy equipment operator since 1986. He started operating cranes in 2005. He joined Mid-East Truck & Tractor Service, Inc. as the crane supervisor in 2013. He is also the Assistant Corporate Treasurer.Mideast PICS 380
Brian Bachman and Aaron Bachman are Steve Bachman’s sons. They are both employed at Mid-East Truck and Tractor Service along with Kyle Norman, Laura Norman, and Marley Norman who are Sue Norman’s children.
The business is now and has always been centered around the oil and gas business. In the beginning the company’s primary focus was moving oil and gas rigs. That business fell off a little in the late 1990’s and the business sustained by moving gas compressors.
Around 2010 the oil and gas drilling business started to pick up again in the Pennsylvania, Ohio and West Virginia area. Mid-East Truck and Tractor Service, Inc. has grown from 8 trucks in 2010 to 25 trucks in 2013. We also have 2 bed trucks, 2 pole trucks, 3 cranes and 3 loaders.